Neil & Tabi

Neil & Tabi

June 20-22, 2019
Riviera Maya, Mexico
Lin & Jirsa Photography

“I hope every wedding I go from now on is planned by you guys”

Those are the exact words I said to Hiren after our reception. Tum Hi Ho, especially Hiren and Aisha, were absolutely incredible. They made our Mexico wedding go exactly as we imagined and then some.

We weren’t sure how serious we were about planning a destination wedding when we first started. Speaking to other wedding coordinators/planners before Tum Hi Ho was actually quite discouraging. But the moment Hiren responded to our inquiry he was immediately enthusiastic and incredibly helpful. We knew that he was the person we wanted to help us plan our big day.

The preparation the team does to make sure every single detail is taken care of is immense. You don’t realize how much attention even the smallest thing needs until you plan your own wedding. We had so many questions and many things we just had no idea to even think about. Having Hiren lead us through all of it during our months of planning was amazing; every meeting we had was timely, efficient, and productive.

The entire weekend went by so smoothly. Not that either of us expected any disasters, but even our guests have made comments about how everything went without any hiccups. I truly felt like a guest at my own wedding. With the events being in Mexico, and having a more hands off approach vs events in America, we just kind of crossed our fingers and hoped that things would be how we asked for. Everything from the mandap, to the food, to even simple things such as table layouts were discussed only once in person. Hiren was our liaison for each and every vendor. And of course everything went perfectly. Hiren always just “got” us. We didn’t have to clarify anything for him twice and he was always on the same page. We described some details to him once and he would convey them exactly to the people who needed to make it work. He never once discouraged us from trying to add in last minute ideas or changing some small details.

I think the best thing about Hiren and Aisha was the amount of personalities they have to juggle and just how well they do it. Parents, guests, priests, vendors, and travel agents all hand their hands on our wedding weekend and yet every single one of them came out of it having great things to say about the team. We also only met Aisha a few days before our wedding but immediately felt like we had known her for years. That level of comfort, with both Hiren and Aisha, really helped ease us through stressful timelines of photo, video, and events in that Mexico heat and humidity. Our parents can’t stop talking about how great they were and that’s so important for us. Hearing their praise and adoration for Hiren and Aisha again confirms that we made the right choice.

I really meant what I said to Hiren when he said his goodbyes at our reception. We couldn’t ask for a better team of people to help plan and coordinate one of the most important days of our lives.

Hire them. You won’t regret it.

Thank you both for everything, we can’t express our gratitude enough.
— Neil & Tabi

Srinath & Radha

Srinath & Radha

June 15, 2019
Mahwah, NJ
The Lilypad Agency

THH was amazing. We worked with Aisha and her team and they were so thorough with their timeline. They made sure everything was on schedule and really made us feel comfortable! Our friends and family loved how smoothly everything ran on the wedding day. We had such a large family photoshoot and THH made sure the photoshoot went quick and seamlessly which not many people can do esp with large indian families. The team also made sure my husband and I were well hydrated and ate throughout the day! I would definitely recommend THH!
— Radha & Srinath

Atit & Kehsa

Atit & Kesha

May 26, 2019
Parsippany, NJ
Pandya Photography

We honestly don’t even know where to start to thank the Tum Hi Ho team and how great they were on our wedding day! Aisha, Chandni, Rina, Nina & Forum were incredible to work with, accommodating to all our/family’s needs, and so amazing at what they do! There aren’t enough words to explain everything they have done the day of and how thankful we are to them!

When we first came across THH at our friend’s wedding a few years ago, we didn’t know all that was involved in the back end. But the way the whole wedding flowed that day was just incredible! So even before we started planning our wedding, we book Tum Hi Ho for our day-of coordinators! When we first spoke to Hiren, he was so friendly and interested in everything we were looking for in the day-of. It made us feel like we were talking to someone we already knew and we knew this was the right team for us! As we started to plan our wedding and had our first meeting with Aisha, we realized that having her and the team be part of our wedding day was one of the best decisions we made. We wanted to get a day-of coordinator not just for ourselves, but also for our parents and bridal party so they would be able to enjoy and have fun without having to worry about anything else. With us both being only children, our parents wanted this to be it, but that also meant they were going to stress to make sure everything was perfect. We wanted our parents, bridal party and families to enjoy everything to the fullest without having to stress at all. And this was exactly, or even more of what happened the day of! Seeing the smiles and laughter on our parents’ faces the day of the wedding and how much they were enjoying every aspect of the day meant the world to us and all the credit goes to the THH team! Not only did we see this, but multiple guests came up to our parents to tell them how impressed they were with the whole team and how kind and friendly everyone was even while doing their job flawlessly. Some of our family even mentioned that they thought the team was part of our friends because they were so involved and helpful with anything anyone asked for and came across so genuine and friendly with all the guests!

From the first meeting we had with Aisha, she not only got to know us, but also what our vision was for our wedding. From that moment on, she literally made everything possible that we had in mind, even things we thought wouldn’t fit into the day’s timeline you made possible! It really felt like we were talking to a longtime friend rather than a vendor. Even when we met for our walkthrough the first time, it was as if we didn’t even have to say anything more because she truly understood what we envisioned from our initial meetings. There are really no words to express how thankful we are that we had the amazing team with us on our special day!

The day of the wedding, everything seemed to be going very smoothly as we had imagined it! What we didn’t see was that THH worked incredibly hard behind the scenes to take care of any issues that came up and made sure it didn’t affect us or our parents. Every time we asked if we were on time, they would always smile and tell us not to worry as everything was going smoothly. It really made us feel like we could enjoy our day to the fullest without having to worry about anything, and we mean anything, at all!

We would recommend Tum Hi Ho a hundred times over! They really make you feel so stress-free and make you realize that this is your day to enjoy and take in every moment as a memory!
— Atit & Kesha

Neil & Arshia

May 18, 2019
Jersey City, NJ

Neil & Arshia
My name is Arshia - I was married on May 18 and I hired Tum Hi Ho to be my official wedding coordinator. I am still so beyond impressed with how Hiren and his team handled all aspects of our big day, from communicating with vendors, staying true to our vision, adhering to the timeline in the midst of all the normal wedding day chaos, and above all, doing so with unmistakable passion and professionalism. Not only were my groom and I blown away, our friends and family continue to rave about how smoothly and seamlessly everything ran on that day. Going forward, we will happily recommend THH to anyone requiring wedding day planning or coordination - we promise you will not regret it :) Thank you Hiren and the THH team, from the bottom of our hearts.
— Neil & Arshia
We had our daughter’s wedding (#ArshiaandNeil) at the Jersey City Hyatt Regency this past weekend. Everything went extremely well, our guests one after the other commented on our “hospitality” among other things. We can safely say that one of the primary driving forces behind our hospitality and professionalism was Tum Hi Ho Events, LLC. Hiren and his team of Neha, Nina, Avani, Ami and Charu, bowled us over with their hard work, attention to detail, organization but mostly their passion at what they do.

Frankly we had a very strong vendor list, and every one of them were happy to hear that they will be working with Hiren and his team. Your best compliment is when your peers that you work with each weekend like you so much. This is hard work and Hiren and team excel at it. I cannot imagine very many other teams can handle this as well as these guys.

We write this purely out of gratitude, and one can rest assured if I ever need this service again, who my first call is going to be!
— Amit (Bride's Father)

Kunal & Priya

Kunal & Priya

May 11, 2019
Philadelphia, PA
Damion Edwards Photography

The best thing I ever did for my wedding (other than marrying my husband) was hiring Tum Hi Ho. I am an incredibly organized person, and I thought that I wouldn’t necessarily need a coordinator. After a few months, I realized that a coordinator would be helpful, especially to ensure that my husband and I enjoyed our wedding day. Tum Hi Ho came highly recommended, and so we moved forward with signing with them.

Hiren and his team were SO GREAT. They were incredibly organized, great at communication, and did an exceptional job with all of our vendors. The week before my wedding, I was so relaxed because THH had everything under control. During our wedding weekend, my husband and I enjoyed every single second, because THH was busy at work behind the scenes. Our guests raved about THH and they were the MVP’s of our wedding! Beyond that, the people on their team are so kind and genuinely fun to be around. Hiren, Juhi, Neha, and Nina were with us during our wedding, and my husband and I truly enjoyed spending the day with them.

I could not recommend THH more highly. If you are even thinking about it, do it. I promise you won’t regret it.
— Kunal & Priya
Hiren and the entire Tum Hi Ho crew-
You were so awesome. Thank you for being there for my daughter’s wedding
Everyone complimented as to how well organized and timely the wedding was
I would recommend you to everyone on this planet and your team was way beyond my expectations
Thank you and God bless
— Kiran (Bride's Mom)

Vipul & Aditi

May 5, 2019
Hartford, CT
Regal Palette Studio

Vipul & Aditi
There were several day-of-coordination teams and services available for our wedding day so it was a tough to make a decision. Tum Hi Ho was recommended by several of our friends and we are so incredibly happy to have worked with Hiren and his team. Hiren kept us on our toes during the planning stages and reminded us of things we did not even think about. It was perfect that Hiren had worked with almost all of our vendors on multiple occasions. It’s a testament of how popular Tum Hi Ho is. We put in the work to solidify contracts with our vendors and the rest was on Hiren and his team. They made sure we received all the services promised by our vendors, which was great because sometimes you forget the services requested. With one spouse having a type-A personality, it was a pretty big deal to let someone else handle one of the most important days of our lives. Hiren made a detailed timeline for the day of the wedding and it really put us at ease. We have to say that the bride and groom attendants along with Hiren worked seamlessly together to make sure everything ran on time. Our post-wedding photo list was long with 31 different group photos, one that had 65 people! We finished our photos in record time thanks to the Tum Hi Ho team. Most importantly, as the bride and groom, we thoroughly enjoyed our wedding weekend because we knew Hiren had everything under control. We would definitely recommend Tum Hi Ho day-of-coordination services because it’s important to enjoy the day you’ve spent months planning for.
— Vipul & Aditi

Rasraj & Gustie

Rasraj & Gustie

April 20, 2019
Hanover, NJ

We did a lot of research on coordinators for our wedding and decided on Tum Hi Ho events. Luckily we made the right choice. Hiren and his team did a tremendous job and made our wedding flow smoothly and stress free. My Indian friends kept telling me ours was the first wedding they went to that was organized and on schedule with everything. They handled everything with great professionalism, including dealing with my crazy parents, and we did not have to worry about anything. We could not have asked for more of a perfect day and it was all thanks to them. They even kept our photographers in check when they were trying to run long. Thank you Tum Hi Ho for everything and we definitely would recommend them to anyone who is having a wedding coming up.
— Rasraj & Gustie

We honestly cannot thank THH enough! Aisha and her team were fantastic. We were having a fusion Indian wedding and so there were a lot of moving parts, and the THH team were incredibly organized, patient and just really fun to be around. Highly recommend!
— Rajeev & Althea

Rajeev & Althea

March 30, 2019
Philadelphia, PA

Vishal & Viha

Vishal & Viha

March 09, 2019
Wilmington, DE
Lin & Jirsa Photography

Tum Hi Ho is incredible! From the minute we talked to Hiren early on, we had faith that he and his team were the perfect people to add on as day-of coordinators for our wedding day. The main reason we wanted to hire day-of coordinators was so that our family and friends would be able to focus on enjoying the event and my now husband and I would be able to enjoy the wedding and time with our families. Hiren and his team surpassed our expectations. With each meeting and each interaction, we saw the team take the work we had put into planning and organize it in a way that would logically flow throughout the weekend. With any issue that came up - even two days before the event, Hiren was able to quickly resolve it to allow us to continue to enjoy the time with our families. We were in awe after meeting the rest of the team - Avani, Chandni and Khizra during our wedding weekend. The heart that they put into our wedding weekend made it feel like we had known them for ages and that they were our friends (very professional friends) who were helping us get through the weekend. We can honestly say that without the Tum Hi Ho team (especially Hiren) this weekend would not have felt the same. I would highly recommend them!
— Vishal & Viha

Ravi & Sonam

February 01, 2019
Great Neck, NY
Ishan Fotografi

Ravi & Sonam
We had an absolutely wonderful experience working with Tum Hi Ho for our big day. We went with the day of coordination package. In the weeks leading up to our wedding day, Hiren helped formalize our timeline and created an extremely detailed plan - including vendor details/responsibilities, items that we would need to bring, and outlining THH’s responsibilities. Hiren coordinated with all of our vendors to ensure they were all clear on exactly what would be expected of them. After our walkthrough at the venue with Hiren, all our nervousness and anxiety for the big day was relieved as we felt confident that we could leave the entire day in THH’s hands. The biggest relief was with how comfortable our families became once they spoke with Hiren.

On the day of the team consisted of Hiren, Evana, Khushabu, and Neha. Everyone of them helped make the day run smoothly and ahead of schedule (yes, they helped avoided Indian Standard Time). The team was on top of all of the vendors as well as our families. They also helped in managing our guests in a professional and friendly manner - especially with guests who showed up without RSVP-ing! We didn’t have any day of scares and were fully able to enjoy the day and each other. We truly could not have put together the same event without the help of THH. We have and will continue to recommend THH to any family and friend’s planning weddings - definitely one of the best decisions we made during our wedding planning!
— Ravi & Sonam

Prasad & Jesal

Prasad & Jesal

November 10, 2018
Cedar Grove, NJ
Dreamline Productions

We had the BEST experience with our team from Tum Hi Ho. They were efficient, organized, fun, professional, and an overall joy to work with. They ensured our day went seamlessly, and it did. They handled all issues that came up, we didn’t even know if something was going wrong. Our bridal attendants were also awesome! The entire team delivered exceptional work and we highly recommend them to future couples!
— Prasad & Jesal

Sapan & Kim

October 27, 2018
Pompton Plains, NJ
Sachi Anand Photography

Sapan & Kim
We want to start out by first thanking Aisha and her team. With all the stresses of hosting an multi-day Indian wedding, they sure made our lives easier at the most crucial point. Aisha and her team are very well organized and on top of any potential hiccup that may occur. We are grateful to them for making our day so special for us and our guests and truly recommend them to any new couples looking to have their wedding day go amazingly.
— Sapan & Kim

Akhil & Renee

Akhil & Renee

October 20, 2018
The Hamptons, NY
Britt Lee Photography

Hiring Tum Hi Ho for our wedding was the best decision! Having both a Catholic and Hindu wedding made our day super complicated. It made all of the difference to have a coordinator who was experienced with interfaith weddings. Hiren was extremely professional, kept us on track, and gave us a better day then we could have even imagined. We got the Ruby Plus package, which gave us day-of-coordination, 3 pre-wedding meetings, 12 hours of day-of service, 4 day-of coordinators, and most importantly peace of mind! After the planning was done, Hiren stepped in and coordinated everything. He talked with all of our vendors leading up to the event and made sure everything was taken care of. Thank goodness for him because when he was calling he came across an issue with our transportation company, which would have been a nightmare! His timelines, checklist, and tipping sheets were so helpful. On the day of, I didn’t worry about anything. I knew the Tum Hi Ho team would take care of it. If you’re on the fence about hiring Tum Hi Ho, DO IT! 100% worth every penny.
— Akhil & Renee

Heet & Richa

August 25, 2018
Princeton, NJ
Studio Nine Photography

Richa & Heet
The Tum Hi Ho coordinators are a must have on your wedding day! We could not have asked for a better team. Our wedding day ran smoothly and on time. Hiren was a great a lead coordinator, he stayed in contact with us months prior to the event and was very responsive to our emails. The team handled everything including arranging pictures at an off site location with our large bridal parties to make sure our decorations were set up on time. We are very happy we hired them as our same day coordinators!
— Heet & Richa

Devang & Madhavi

Devang & Madhavi

August 25, 2018
Park Ridge, NJ

We are so glad we hired THH and strongly recommend them to all couples! My husband and I got married in Northern New Jersey. THH were our day of coordinators—they were extremely organized, professional, coordinated and ensured that our big day was executed to perfection. I would recommend THH without any reservations—they are a necessary component to any wedding!!!
— Devang & Madhavi

Jenny & Suraj

Suraj & Jenny

August 18, 2018
Parsippany, NJ
Regal Palette Studio / Intrique Wedding Films

The best decision we made in our entire wedding planning process was hiring Tum Hi Ho. Initially, we were not sure about hiring day-of coordinators. With a wedding of over 500 people, we quickly realized that we were in WAY over our heads and having a dedicated team of people who were solely there to ensure our wedding day went off without a hitch was absolutely necessary.
The Tum Hi Ho team blew us away from the second that we hopped on an interest call with Hiren, our incredible lead coordinator, to get some information about the day-of coordination services they provided. After the call and before we signed the contract, Hiren was so responsive to questions and kept it real with all of his answers, making us feel really comfortable and making it super easy to build trust.
Leading up to the big day, we had planning meetings with the THH team. Each call was so detail oriented that we often realized how many things we had left to plan/answer. Instead of this being overwhelming, it made us feel so at ease that someone else was looking out for us, given the crazy number of moving pieces that we were managing as the bride and groom.
The day of support was phenomenal. I had a wonderful bridal attendant (shout-out to my girl Prutha!) who was by my side for anything that I needed. My groom also had a fantastic groom attendant that did the same. From bringing us food to helping put shoes on, they were not hesitant at all to jump in and help. With the detailed minute-by-minute schedule that the team had built out, the entire day ran on time and so smoothly. Two highlights: (1) we had a 45+ individual groups that we needed to take pictures with post-wedding. It took 37 minutes thanks to THH! (2) the THH team realized that we didn’t have a photo book for guests to sign in our contract with our photographer. They had someone in the car and ready to go purchase one for us!
This team is EVERYTHING and helped make our wedding day the most perfect of our lives!
— Suraj & Jenny

6.28.18 - amit & krupa 1 month countdown.JPG

Amit & Krupa

July 28, 2018
Hanover, NJ
Regal Palette Studio

Our wedding was on 7/28/18 at the Hanover Marriott. We had picked out a venue a year and a half in advance. I began planning and thought I could do it all myself but shortly realized I need some help! TumHiHo provided suggestions and advice on things that I never would have thought of. They provided so much insight prior to the wedding that we were both able to enjoy our day stressfree. Juhi was my bridal attendant and she was constantly there to listen and communicate with friends and family. She also made sure I was kept away from any issues that I didn’t need to be a part of (the coffee and tea didn’t come out on time for our event)! Urvi Neha and Aisha were always on the same page as well and communicated instructions to family and friends to ensure everyone is looped in and ready to enjoy the event! I would highly recommend TumHiHo, a great team and excellent personalities to have around you on your special day!
— Krupa & Amit

Nikhil & Jaina

July 21, 2018
Cherry Hill, NJ
Lightyear Studio

With so many moving parts to our wedding we knew we needed help and coordinators to make the day go as smooth as possible. Tum Hi Ho team was nothing short of amazing in delivering exactly what we had hoped for on our special day! I was impressed right from the beginning from my initial introductory call with Hiren. Beyond that, he answered my many questions without hesitation in a timely manner despite their busy schedule during the wedding season. We started working with Aisha, our lead coordinator, few months before the big day. We had on site meetings at the venue and multiple phone calls to go through the schedule and details. We went through our schedule for the big day minute by minute (hair and make up schedule for myself, my mother, bridesmaids, over 30 family pictures, etc). The teams attention to detail was a huge savior for small things that I didn’t think of throughout the planning.They constantly communicated with our family and friends who were closely involved well in advance to the day of the wedding to ensure that everyone was on the same page. On the day of the wedding, I was at ease knowing that Aisha and her team were actively communicating with our family, bridesmaids, groomsmen and more importantly our vendors to make sure that things were going according to our schedule. The team made it a point to take care of not only us as the bride and groom but also our family. Tum Hi Ho team is easy to work with and displayed the utmost level of professionalism with our guests. Thank y’all for everything!
— Nikhil & Jaina



Jay & Avani

July 7, 2018
Hanover, NJ
Aesthetic Vision

“My now husband and I were planning a wedding for about 1000 people. After attending a few weddings coordinated by Tum Hi Ho Events (THH), we knew we wanted them for our big day. And it was one of the best decision we made throughout our entire process. We did day of coordination with them, and they started with us in May, about 2 months before our wedding. When we first spoke to our lead, Alisha, we gave her everything we already had and she took care of the rest. She asked us the most detailed questions about things we hadn’t even talked about. She would follow up with us every couple of days and see if we needed anything at all. She would remind us of everything we had to do or bring to the venue the night before the wedding. She also provided us with the most detailed time line that had everything on it! Once Friday night came, Alisha met with us, we did a final run through, and she told us not to worry about a thing. So we didn’t and we didn’t have to either because we were in great hands. Our Bridal party consisted of 15 bridesmaids and 15 groomsmen. Our bridal party was telling us about how amazing their personal attendants were. They would make sure everyone was ready and down for pictures, entrances, and all on time. Our schedule did not run a minute past what is should have. THH was great on keeping us and our 1000 guest on schedule for the entire day. And if you’re having a big fat Gujarati wedding, your know the one thing that takes the most time is post wedding family pictures, because everyone wants one. THH did such an amazing job coordinating all the pictures, we got through over 50 family pictures with large groups in less than 1 hour. The one consistent feedback we got from all of our family and friends was that the planning and coordination was simply flawless throughout the day. . And we only have THH to thank for that. We HIGHLY recommend a wedding coordinator for any event, big or small, but we recommend you get the best. And THH is the BEST!”
— Jay & Avani



Pavan & Ankita

July 1, 2018
Princeton, NJ
Ishan Fotografi

Tum Hi Ho came highly recommended by two of our friends so our standards were set pretty high. Lisa and her team did not disappoint! Lisa worked with us from day one to ensure that everything would run smoothly on our wedding day and it did! She was familiar with the venue and was able to make helpful suggestions to streamline everything. There are lots of small details that you don’t really think of (or want to think of) until it’s too late. The surveys that Tum Hi Ho has you fill out bring those small details to light. In particular, I really appreciated that the THH ladies made sure I was fed :) No wants to see or be a hangry bride.

First, if you’re on the fence about whether or not you should get a day-of wedding coordinator, please do. As the bride or groom, you don’t want to be stressing about timeliness. Second, go with Tum Hi Ho!
— Ankita & Pavan



Dharav & Gina

June 30, 2018
Richmond, VA
R.A.G. Artistry

For those of you on the fence about getting Tum Hi Ho as your wedding planners, at least get on that first introductory call with them; Hiren had us sold right from the start! From our initial interaction from them, I was so impressed with how organized they were, and they definitely kept it up leading up to the wedding and throughout the weekend!

What I think was the most invaluable service that Tum Hi Ho offered is the making of THE schedule. That schedule had EVERYTHING. When vendors would start, where Dharav and I needed to be, at what time. Where our families, bridesmaids, and groomsmen needed to be at what time, and if they weren’t there, the team knew where to grab them from. Having such an organized schedule during the weekend kept the confusion of where who needed to be, at what time to a minimum and quite honestly might have made our weekend. We had a super tight schedule both days Tum Hi Ho was working with us, with 4 events in 2 days, and coordinating makeup scheduling, photoshoots, video-shoots, along with everything else, is honestly impossible to do in a manner as organized as Hiren somehow managed. Him and the team then proceeded to put out any issues with table numbers and place cards, all while ensuring everything was running smoothly, even with last minute scheduling changes my parents threw on them.

I can honestly say that, thanks to the Tum Hi Ho team, I was able to enjoy my weekend far more than I would have. without them. Juhi was awesome at making sure I was running on time; my bridesmaids were running on time (and kept me or my family from having to be the bad guy rushing them!). The Dharav and the groomsmen were also always on time (shockingly!) thanks to Urvi. And, while we didn’t interact much with Prachi, we know she coordinated with the vendors amazingly, because if there were any issues the vendors, we sure didn’t hear about them!

All in all, both Dharav and I can wholeheartedly recommend Tum Hi Ho to all you newly engaged couples out there! They truly will make the most special weekend of your life, a weekend you will cherish forever!
— Gina & Dharav



Evan & Mounica

June 17, 2018
Philadelphia, PA
Studio Nine Photography

I can honestly say that hiring THH was one of the best decisions we could have made for our wedding. I am Indian American and my husband is Cuban American. My parents and I started from scratch when planning our wedding as we had not been to many Indian weddings before, and mine was one of the first in our family/friend community. We were also having many out of town guests. I looked at reviews online and contacted a few wedding planning vendors. From the initial consultation call, THH was very professional and one of the easiest vendors to work with. Hiren was very upfront, thorough, and helpful. I felt like the price for day of coordination was absolutely reasonable and more than worth it. Our final team was led by Alisha. It really did not just feel like day of coordination as they worked with us for the two months before, and were available for all of our questions. It felt great to ask someone with experience in the wedding industry our questions, and they gave us great advice! My mother initially did not feel like we would need day of coordination – but I have to say with how chaotic Indian weddings can become, and with so many moving parts on the day of, we were so grateful for their work afterwards. We could actually enjoy the entire day and not stress. They kept everything running on schedule. Our guests raved about how organized and how great of a flow the entire day had, and that is all due to THH. Our four coordinators on the day of were absolutely amazing and were CONSTANTLY working – no matter what came up. They hustled that day as if it was their own relatives wedding and stayed upbeat, smiling, and patient the whole time. Also, after attending a couple more weddings, it is easy to spot the difference when someone doesn’t have a day of coordinator. I would recommend THH to any couple getting married, no matter how small or large your wedding may be. The investment more than pays off for yourselves, your parents and your guests!
— Evan & Mounica



Amit & Janet

May 27, 2018
Princeton, NJ
Manish & Sung Photography

From the first experience Tum Hi Ho (THH) made the wedding day go very smoothly. The process began with a consultation and keeping the whole process moving while asking questions to have us give consideration to every aspect of the wedding experience over the 8 weeks before the wedding. We had a two ceremonies and a reception in one day - the events went very smoothly, guests moved from event to event with ease. We were also able to keep everything on time which is no easy feat. They were also able to help handle the inevitable issues that would have completely derailed the day with ease. The team was also very professional and friendly. I had no regrets and am very glad we had a top flight team for our wedding day.
— Amit & Janet

Tijo & Twisha.jpg


Tijo & Twisha

May 26, 2018
Woodland Park, NJ
Studio Nine Photography

Hiren and team from Tum Hi Ho were absolutely amazing. There’s a bit of work up front to keep them well-informed on every detail of the wedding, but they were incredibly patient, understanding, flexible and willing to work around our schedule, especially as we got closer to the wedding. I had two ceremonies and my reception all in one day between ny/nj and they absolutely took ALL the stress off of me. I was able to be the happiest bride alive the day of my wedding because of this team. They were running around like mad people all day but made sure all vendors accurately provided what they were supposed to, per their contract and dodged last minute wedding day bullets by being extremely proactive in solving any issues. they kept all bride and groom parties and involved vendors up to date on the itinerary the day of and were fantastic with communication. they make themselves available to you and are very understanding of how important this day is to you and your family, despite covering weddings constantly. They take professionalism to a whole different level and were familiar with ceremonial customs from all different backgrounds. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Tum Hi Ho to coordinate your event, if you want things to go smoothly the day of. I tell everyone the same thing I told this team- they were the best spent money in all of my wedding. Love Tum Hi Ho!
— Tijo & Twisha



Gokul & Abby

May 5, 2018
Philadelphia, PA
Studio Nine Photography

Backstory: For those who are on the fence about getting a wedding planner, just go ahead and get one ! Me and my now wife are from two different countries and we planned to get married in Philadelphia. Both our families were flying in from our home countries few days before the wedding, so basically we were on our own as far as planning in concerned. Our budget was limited and hence we never thought about getting a wedding planner. One of our cousins had STRONGLY recommended getting a wedding planner, at least for the day of coordination. 4 months before the wedding, we had already gotten our venue, all the vendors. Ours is an interfaith marriage and we had two ceremonies, cocktail hour, reception/dinner/dance on the same day. As we were moving close to the date, as things were starting to get overwhelming, we started looking for a wedding planner for the day of. We found Tum Hi Ho (THH) through wedding wire, and we are so thankful for it. We hired all our vendors after meeting them in person and interviewing them (we are kinda old school that way) but for THH, we were quite impressed just after the first phone call. We spoke with Hiren Patel and he was just awesome. He listened to us patiently and answered all our questions clearly. We felt very confident that they would do a good job and were more than comfortable hiring them. (yes without meeting them in person, which is so unlike us).
We hired THH and that was probably one of the right decisions we made for our wedding.
We were assigned a team of four members who did a fantastic job. Our lead coordinator was Lisa Patel and she was approachable, very quick to respond, highly organized and most importantly had a lot of patience with us. Everything was streamlined. They had multiple, thoughtfully designed questionnaires in an intuitive website. They knew our schedule and requirements in and out. We are sure that Lisa actually knew everything byheart :). Everything went EXACTLY as how we dreamt our wedding day should be. It was FLAWLESS!
We were ALWAYS on schedule and there was no lag anywhere. Thanks to THH, We felt so relaxed on our wedding day and were able to enjoy the day to the fullest. THH not only met, but actually exceeded our expectations. We have nothing but good things to say about the team! We are so glad we hired THH and STRONGLY recommend them all the couples!
— Gokul & Abby


Anand & Ashmi

April 28, 2018
Hanover, NJ
Regal Palette Studio

Alisha, Nina, Neha, and Aisha made our wedding day absolutely perfect. From vendor meetings until the day of, they were nothing short of exceptional. Alisha kept in touch with all our vendors and addressed all their issues and concerns ASAP. I do not think my wedding wold have been so perfect if it wasn’t for them and their dedication to #trivediyouready! Hands down best team ever. I cannot thank them enough for making sure everything went smoothly and making sure my groomzilla husband was stress free. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have enjoyed our wedding day as much as we did because they assured us we were on time and made sure everything was PERFECT. Thank you so much THH!!!!
— Anand & Ashmi

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Sameer & Manali

April 7, 2018
Princeton, NJ
Memories Studio

Lisa & her team were phenomenal to work with - they made our wedding day as smooth and stress free as it could be! Throughout the weeks leading up to our wedding, Lisa was very easy to get in touch with on all our questions and concerns. She not only helped us get on the same page with our vendors, she made sure we addressed every detail even if we didn’t think of it first. Towards the days leading up to our wedding my husband & I were not the least bit stressed because we knew Lisa was already on board making sure everything would go seamless. During our wedding weekend, all of our guests loved the team and had nothing but nice things to say about them. I can say confidently that Tum Hi Ho was the best investment for our wedding weekend - they have been amazing and I can’t think of anything but great things to say about them!!
— Sameer & Manali
This team did an outstanding job for my brother’s wedding. I’ve been through this before and what was really impressive about this group was 1) attention to detail and 2) ability to solve all problems. No matter how much planning goes into your wedding, you will inevitably have problems come up. How well your events go is entirely dependent on how you address these big and small problems (and any help on your side). This team was a total rockstar whenever these unavoidable issues came around and really made the day special for my brother and sister in law. Thank you so much!
— Sagar (Groom's Brother)



Priyen & Roma

November 25, 2017
Hanover, NJ
Studio Nine Photography

We hired THH for day of services to help pull together all of the moving pieces and they did a great job. The team was on time, organized, willing to do anything to make our day go perfectly! From the time we reach out to inquire about avaibility to the day of, the lead coordinator was responsive to our questions and concerns. I highly recommend THH for your wedding coordination needs! They will put your mind as ease in ensuring your celebration runs perfectly!
— Priyen & Roma

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Neil & Radhika

November 11, 2017
Mount Laurel
Ajit Singh Photography

Hiring Tum Hi Ho was one of the best decisions we made for our 2 day wedding. The team honestly made my stress level the lowest it could be during that time with their thinking ahead, careful planning, and calm demeanor. They took care of everything, from the smallest details to the biggest. They made sure the vendors were on time, anticipated any issues, and also managed to have wine ready for us when we needed it :) Us - and our families - are still raving about how professional and on their game they were the whole weekend! We would recommend them to anyone for their special day/wedding weekend! Thanks again for making our weekend go so smoothly - we love you guys!!
— Neil & Radhika

Monil & Nishita

October 7, 2017
Princeton, NJ
Jayesh Production

Nikul and company were awesome. They were extremely helpful and accommodating to our needs. We were pretty lowkey and laid back but that didn’t stop them from going above and beyond for us. We appreciated everything they did for us and made our wedding truly seamless.
— Monil & Nishita

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Shiva & Sabrina

September 30, 2017
Mahwah, NJ
Mobile Video & Photography

Excellent, professional, useful. Time saving. I chose Tum Hi Ho after doing much research into all the wedding coordinator groups. Hiren and his staff were always very quick, efficient, organized with their responses and after this I knew that this was the group for me. Overall, very useful service. At first, without much knowledge of the wedding process, I thought these details could be performed by a family friend/family member. I realized this was not the case and experience is a big driving factor in all the preparation. The experience lead to details that we would not have thought about and overall saved time/headache. I think wedding coordination was one of the few things that is truly worth the expense, and is a reasonable hourly cost per services rendered. This wedding coordinator service saved us many, many hours of work that doesn’t even include all the staff hours the day of the wedding. We were completely stress-free throughout the wedding day and this was because of the Tum Hi Ho team. This was definitely worth it and one of the most cost effective items of the wedding expenses.
— Shiva & Sabrina

Sagar & Henna

September 24, 2017
Berlin, NJ
Isha Shukla // Ami Video

selected-18.jpg - isha shukla photography - POSTED.jpg
The most polished and astute team we have worked with in terms of planning our big day!
From day one, Alisha and the Tum Hi Ho team displayed professionalism and were attentive to our needs. It began well before the wedding, when Alisha came to our home and went over every detail of the wedding/reception and offered helpful pointers. It continued the day before the wedding when everything was chaotic, and the whole Tum Hi Ho team helped us make sure everything was in place at the venue when we did not have time. It was even more apparent when the team helped transition us and our family throughout the big day, so that our parents would not have to worry about a thing. Finally, it was confirmed when the whole team stayed until the end of the day to make sure we wanted for nothing before they wrapped up.
Alisha and her team truly went above and beyond for us from coordinating vendors, moving Indian family members to be on time (we know this is a miracle in itself), and to packing food for us knowing we wouldn’t get a chance to eat. They were absolutely amazing!
We highly recommend them to anyone who wants their event to be flawless!
— Sagar & Henna

Kevin & Nidhi

September 16, 2017
Cliffside Park, NJ
Tom Harmon // Alias T. Varkey 

The Tum Hi Ho Events team was definitely one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our wedding! The company is very organized and easy to work with and our wedding day went beautifully! Lisa, our day of planner (really...weeks-before-planner), stayed in touch with our vendors during the wedding and everything went smoothly. When there were small hiccups with other vendors, Tum Hi Ho Events made sure to inform me quickly and brought possible solutions to these problems. The team communicated excellently with each other and the day was perfect! They were fantastic to work with and I whole heartedly recommend them to anyone in need of a planner!
— Kevin & Nidhi

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Siddharth & Rima

September 3, 2017
Princeton, NJ
Pandya Photography

Tum Hi Ho did an amazing job making sure our wedding day went smoothly and stress free. The whole team, especially Lisa, was accommodating and responsive to all our requests and needs! Additionally, they not only catered to our needs, but but our families as well! Thank you for doing such a great job and making our big day as wonderful as it was!
— Siddharth & Rima

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Ravi & Nisha

September 2, 2017
Cherry Hill, NJ
Studio Nine Photography

Tum Hi Ho and team were a fabulous wedding planning company to work with on our wedding - we couldn’t have done it without them!

From their attention to detail during the wedding planning process, to their constant communication throughout - it’s everything you could ask for and more from a team of professionals! We really thought their process worked out really well in keeping us lock-step with them for the details and also to help ensure we were thinking about all of the details we might have forgotten throughout. Their insight was constantly beneficial as we worked through every aspect of the wedding day, their reassurance was refreshing, and their day-of services was very coordinated and on point! They were on top of the day, ready for the hiccups that came our way, and helped us ensure we really enjoyed our wedding day :)

Thank you Tum Hi Ho Events for all of your your great work!
— Ravi & Nisha

Vishal & Shree

Vishal & Shree

August 19, 2017
Rockleigh, NJ
Memories Studio

Hiren and his team are phenomenal! We were very pleased with the service THH provided the day of the wedding. THH took care of lot of the nitty gritty details that we didn’t have to think about. They were very good at handling the unanticipated situation. Everything went smoothly as we had planned. Hiren and his team are amazing people and it was great with them.
— Vishal & Shree

Sagar & Vanita

Sagar & Vanita

August 5, 2017
Springfield, PA

Hiren and his team were amazing! Every aspect of the wedding was well executed because the team was so well prepared in doing so. We couldn’t have chose a better group of people to work with. They were friendly, helpful,diligent, and much more. We would highly recommend them to all future couples seeking wedding coordinators that will make your most memorable day flawless.
— Sagar & Vanita

7.13.17 - ready, get set, go! #AVeryPatelShahdi #puranjani2017.jpg

Purav & Anjani

July 15, 2017
Cherry Hill, NJ
Ami Video

The Tum Hi Ho team was absolutely incredible!!! We asked Hiren and his team to help us with the day of coordination, and Purav and I both agree that this was one of the best decisions we made!! Just as their company name implies, Hiren and his team are truly dedicated to the couple!! Hiren set up several meetings to ensure he understood exactly what we wanted for our wedding day. The team worked closely with all the vendors to coordinate every single detail! This allowed for us to have time to work on other aspects of the wedding. The team is very thorough and will ensure that everything you envision comes to life! Thanks to THH, Purav and I actually got a chance to enjoy every moment of our wedding day. Since we were stress- free that day, we were able to take in the whole wedding experience! If anything went wrong, this team was there to take care of it. At one point, I was nervous that the pictures were running over and cutting into my reception hair/makeup time. Hiren reassured me that everything was fine. In fact, we were actually 15 minutes ahead of schedule! The team is not only very professional but also very patient and understanding. They worked really well with our parents to ensure that they too were at ease. Overall from start to finish, we LOVED our experience with THH!! Purav and I are truly thankful for all of the effort put in by the THH team in making our wedding day such a success! Everything ran so smoothly that we still have family and friends talking about how amazing our wedding turned out! Thank you again, Tum Hi Ho!!
— Purav & Anjani

Hiren Purvi

Hiren & Purvi

June 3 , 2017
Somerset, NJ
Ami Video

Lisa and her team were amazing to work with! From day one Lisa really took the time to understand our needs/wants and worked with us to make sure everything was taken care of for our big day. She helped ensure that all the details were thought out and was very organized. We absolutely loved working with the team as well. Lisa, Alisha, Juhi, and Gayatri were all so friendly and made sure that we always had smiles on our faces. They worked closely with all the vendors and ensured everyone knew where they needed to be. It took so much stress off of us knowing the THH had everything covered. Even when there were small issues, THH handled it, without us knowing at times. We cannot thank them enough for helping to make our dream wedding smooth, stress free, and enjoyable for us! We highly recommend them to our family and friends.
— Hiren & Purvi

Aroni & Monica

Aroni & Monica

May  14 , 2017
Berlin, NJ
Memories Studio

Tum Hi Ho Events was a great company to have as our wedding coordinators. We booked them based off a recommendation and they lived up to the great words that were said about them. Our lead, Hiren, was the best lead we could have asked for. I truly felt as a bride that he treated my wedding as if it was his own with the hustle he showed on the day of the wedding. Over our numerous meetings, Hiren continued to ease my anxiety and assure me the day would go smoothly. I would recommend this company to any couple planning their wedding. Their organization, planning and advice from all their experience is what truly helped our wedding be what we dreamed of. We had numerous people comment to us of how our wedding ran more smoothly than any other Indian wedding they’ve been to... which is saying a lot! definitely use Tum Hi Ho Events for your wedding or any other event!
— Aroni & Monica

Darsan & Monica

April 8 , 2017
Cinnaminson, NJ
Manish and Sung Photography

Darsan & Monica
We hired Tum Hi Ho for day-of wedding coordination & a la carte service- definitely the best decision we made during this whole wedding planning process. The excellent reviews you are reading are well justified! We met with our lead coordinator, Hiren, several times to discuss what we envisioned on our big day, including logistics, ceremony and reception programs, etc and as the wedding approached he walked us through a detailed wedding day itinerary. He was always well prepared, knowledgeable, and easy to get in touch with if we had any questions. Hiren, Alisha, Lisa, and Prutha went above and beyond our expectations on the day of. This team was not only sharp & well organized, but we could tell they genuinely cared about our wedding day experience. They did an amazing job creating our ceremony brochures, were super efficient with the family photoshoots, and kept our family, the bridal party, and vendors in the loop to ensure that the day was executed flawlessly. Additionally, the team was able to take care of some last minute vendor issues so we wouldn’t have to worry ourselves. Each one of our vendors was impressed with THH as well as the management at the venue. We received many compliments from our guests about how the day ran so smoothly. We would highly recommend them to all of our family and friends! I truly believe we would not have enjoyed our wedding day without THH-A huge THANK YOU to you guys for helping to make this one of the best days ever.
— Darsan & Monica


Sushant & Nava

March 12 , 2017
Mahwah, NJ
Fine Arts Production

Lisa and her team were fantastic. They made our day very smooth and did not have to worry about anything. Any request we had or our family members had, was taken care of! The entire team was very friendly and had their smiles on, the entire day, which helped us a lot! The Quality of Service provided by THH was great. They are very professional and very quick in responding to all our questions and requests. It was definitely worth having them with us since we had a decent crowd that needed a push and guidance at all times. As a bride and a groom, you just want to enjoy the entire day without having to worry about anything and THH made it possible. Lisa and her team were well equipped with emergency kits to save the day. We would like to thank you guys for making our day a huge success. Keep up the good work!!!
— Sushant & Nava

Kannan & Priya

November 11 , 2016
Jersey City, NJ

Literally WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. My wedding could simply not have gone on without THH and their services. To be honest, before planning this wedding I wasn’t sure I need a day-of coordinator. I was planning the whole wedding without a planner and I thought I was organized enough to make sure the day ran smoothly. However, the closer I got to the wedding date, the more I realized the multitude of vendors as well as mine and my family’s own hectic schedule I would have no way to manage the timeline, vendors, or guests for the day. In stepped THH to save the day! They were responsive, deeply organized, and committed to helping us. Their genuine nature and friendly disposition made them pleasurable to work with. From the get-go, they were responsive and in the days leading up to the wedding took over control to make my day stress free and as smooth as possible. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them to any bride!
— Kannan & Priya


Sapan & Jesnie

October 8, 2016
Keyport, NJ
Studio Nine Photography

We can’t say enough good things about Hiren, Alisha, and the rest of the Tum Hi Ho team! Initially, we thought we could handle all the planning on our own and were a little on the fence about hiring a day-of coordinator…but immediately after we booked them and even more so during/after our big day, they made it clear we made the right decision! We didn’t give Hiren and Alisha much lead time to help us get organized for our marathon wedding day (2 ceremonies plus reception), but they were quick to set up calls, gather information, communicate schedules with us, and follow up during the weeks leading up to the wedding to confirm we were comfortable and all the little (and big) details were set.
On our wedding day, the team went above and beyond our expectations. Given the packed agenda and tight timeline, we were very nervous about running behind schedule. Despite that, there were multiple occasions throughout the day where the two of us turned to each other and exclaimed, “They’re the best!” They were on hand to solve the big problems, like keeping us calm and looking for solutions when our lead photographer couldn’t be contacted and they also took care of a bunch of small ones too… like when the best man cut his foot during the baraat and needed a first aid kit, or when the babies in our families needed entertaining during the family photo shoots.
The THH team is an AMAZING group of coordinators, and definitely contributed so much to making our wedding day the best day of our lives.
— Sapan & Jesnie

Naveen & Alina

September 11, 2016
Somerset, NJ
The Hons Photography

Alisha and the Tum Hi Ho team absolutely amazing for the same-day coordination package. About two-three months prior, my now-husband and I decided we definitely need to look into getting a same-day coordinator being that planning a wedding for 350+ folk would be hectic the day of. They were professional, on top of all timelines, deadlines and the vendors. A month prior when the actual same-day coordination service starts they already had suggestions on how to make the day run smoother. They walked us through everything, which gave us some more insight on how the day we’ve been now planning for 8 months would go. Alisha was absolutely amazing with her adjustments to our timeline and dealing with all the vendors. The Tum Hi Ho team were unbelievably organized and ready for the challenge, and not to mention delights to be around. I had absolutely no stress the day of because I trusted the Tum Hi Ho team to have everything handled and they did. So attentive and the day seemed so effortless from where I was sitting. I highly recommend Tum Hi Ho if you want your big day to run smoothly and be around a very feel good team of organizers!
— Alina & Naveen


Anil & Radhika

September 3, 2016
Edison, NJ
Maggie J Photography

Tum Hi Ho was absolutely incredible! The team worked tirelessly to make our dream wedding come to life. As I look back on the day, I can’t help but smile at how perfect it was. The first thing my brother told me the day after the wedding was “I have never been to wedding were NOTHING has gone wrong....until now!” This would not have been true if it were not for Hiren and his team. On the day of the wedding, they made sure everything ran so smoothly. They also above and beyond and did a phenomenal job helping with our reception centerpiece. If you want to have a flawless wedding day, don’t hesitate to book Tum Hi Ho!
— Anil & Radhika

Justin & Tulsi

August 27, 2016
Edison, NJ
Pandya Photography

Tum Hi Ho are amazing and we loved working with them! We had an issue with our previous wedding planner and we contacted Tum Hi Ho a month and a half to our wedding, luckily they were willing coordinate the day of for us. They were nothing short of professional with their services. Everything was well organized and ready before any meetings. Hiren worked tirelessly to make sure we were ready for our big day. During our big day, we had a peace of mind knowing that everything was being taken care of by Tum Hi Ho - even the small things we wouldn’t have thought of. We’re so grateful Tum Hi Ho was able to take on day of coordination for us. We highly recommend Tum Hi Ho if you want your big day to go flawlessly!
— Justin & Tulsi


Jay & Monica

August 21, 2016
Somerset, NJ
Universal Photography

Tum Hi Ho made our dreams turn into reality on our big day. Months leading up to our wedding Alisha and her team were in constant communication with us, providing us detailed itineraries, and contacting vendors. The team pays attention to detail and ensures nothing will be missed. We were able to fully enjoy our wedding day without stressing thanks to Tum Hi Ho. Best decision we made for our wedding.
— Jay & Monika

Sijo & Stenie

July 16, 2016
Whippany, NJ
Pearl Paper Studio

Tum Hi Ho Events worked with my family for my sisters wedding and I have to say they did an absolutely amazing job. They made the entire process so simple and easy. They were always one step ahead and were prepared for everything. From flowers to hotel rooms, they had everything covered. They have a very diverse team and are very knowledgable about many of the traditions and customs that are part of weddings. I recommend this team to anyone who is planning on celebrating a wedding. They are professional, timely, and they truely care about your happiness. I love these guys and I guarantee that you will too.
— Steve

Minesh & Gargy

July 10, 2016
Edison, NJ
Fine Arts

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Hiren and his team from Tum Hi Ho Events! They were very attentive to our needs. Hiren truly listened to our requests and was very organized with the wedding day timeline. Throughout the entire wedding planning, Hiren stayed in contact with us as well as with all of our vendors. On the wedding day, Hiren and his team were very professional and made our day run smoothly. Words can’t describe how happy we are with their service. We highly recommend Tum Hi Ho for your BIG day!
— Minesh & Gargy

Birju & Neeti

June 11, 2016
Edison, NJ
Memories Studio

Hiring Tum Hi Ho Events for our day of coordination was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! Hiren and his whole team went above and beyond our expectations. They were professional, easy to work with, and personable. The wedding day can be chaotic, but our families and I had nearly no stress because Tum Hi Ho’s entire team kept everything going smoothly. They were easy to reach and were able to handle all the unexpected obstacles that came our way. They made sure everything was going in a timely fashion and everything was going according to the contracts provided by our vendors, which allowed all of our families to relax and enjoy our wedding. The entire team was also so fun to be around on our wedding day which was an added plus! Both of our families noticed how proficient and valuable they were and we all HIGHLY recommend them to everyone!
— Birju & Neeti
THH Events really exceeded all our expectations for my sister’s wedding. I may be a while away from getting married, but I know who I’m going to! :)
— Preeti



Frank & Reena

October 17-18, 2015
Yonkers, NY
J'Adore Love Photography

Thank you so much for all your help! Everything went so smoothly and we were able to enjoy our wedding without stressing (too much)! You guys were on point with everything and very reliable! I will be recommending your services to everyone I know! Thank you again!
— Frank & Reena


Nisheet & Sapana

September 26, 2015
Lansdowne Resort, VA
Connor Studios Photography

I was initially referred to THH after my sister had been a guest at a wedding that they had coordinated. My fiancé and I scheduled a conference call and everything was smooth and professional from there. Alisha was our primary contact leading up to our wedding; the entire team was well organized and kept us on track with our vendors leading up to our wedding weekend. On the day of our ceremony, THH took care of everything!

My husband and I were so happy with THH’s work, that we referred them to another family member for her wedding. And we would do so again. Great job - professional, organized and prepared leading up to the events, and directed coordination on the day of our ceremony and reception, so we were worry free!
— Nisheet & Sapana
This team went above and beyond for my sister’s wedding! Not only did they keep the bride sane, but the entire bridal party and family too. Everything went smoothly and was stress free. I cannot thank you guys enough! This was definitely the best decision my sister made for her wedding. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bride say this, but she actually told me she had a blast in the mandap- and its all thanks to you guys! The entire team is extremely professional and reliable that made the day effortless on our part. Once again, thank you for making Sapana and Nisheet’s wedding so successful. You have my full recommendation for any future Amin/Patel family wedding.
— Shrina


Neel & Jigisha

September 19, 2015
Hyatt, Princeton, NJ
Memories Photography

Hey guys, we just wanted to take the time to thank you for your amazing work on our special day. Your team was incredibly organized and so dedicated to making sure our day was stress-free and that it was everything we had dreamed it would be. We cannot thank you enough for making it so easy for us to enjoy the party without having to worry about anything else. One of the hardest things about weddings is to keep things running according to the timeline and we know for a fact that we would not have been able to do that without your punctuality and flawless execution. You guys always had a smile on your faces and handled everything with the utmost professionalism (even when we asked you to change our entrance song at the last second haha). Again, thank you so much to the entire team for making it an unforgettable day for us and our family! Love you guys!!!
— Neel & Jigisha


Kevin & Annmary

August 8, 2015
Westmount Country Club, NJ
Anish Tewari Photography // House of Talent Studio

Let me preface this by saying that I pride myself on being extremely organized and detail oriented, so I didn’t think I would need a wedding planner to help out with our wedding. But Tum Hi Ho Events proved me wrong. If Hiren and Nikul had not been there the weeks leading up to our wedding and on our actual wedding day – I honestly don’t know what I would have done. From drafting up detailed itineraries to contacting all of our vendors to dealing with the million little things that I did not want to be worrying about on my wedding day – they were phenomenal. Not only did they flawlessly handle coordinating everything with the reception venue, but they also made sure everything ran smoothly during our church ceremony. And given that this was their first experience with a Malayalee Christian wedding – I can honestly say I was thoroughly impressed (as was my entire family, all of whom kept commenting on how efficiently everything was being handled). Hiren and Nikul thought of things that even I had forgotten, and I’ve been going to Malayalee Christian weddings my whole life! They were professional, committed and extremely organized. But what stood out to me the most was how genuine and passionate they were. They cared about our wedding just as much as we did, and that, more than anything, is why I would highly recommend them to anyone
— Kevin & Annmary


Kunaal & Shilpa

July 11, 2015
London, UK
BharatPhotos // ClickShot Memories

Shilpa and I cannot thank Tum Hi Ho for all their help throughout our big day! They were incredibly remarkable from beginning to end and made certain that the day ran smoothly. We received so much praise from our guests and families of all the work they did behind the scenes that we didn’t see during the wedding. They were unbelievably patient with all our last-minute requests, which they fulfilled promptly and professionally. Looking back on it, we simply could not have done without them. Thank you so much for making our wedding day memorable and unforgettable.
— Kunaal & Shilpa


Amit & Chandani

June 6, 2015
Sheraton, Mahwah, NJ
Studio Nine Photography

Hiren, Lisa, and Alisha from Tum Hi Ho events were nothing short of perfect while coordinating our 600+ people wedding! Without them, I can honestly say our wedding would not have gone as smoothly or been as stress-free. They gave us great advice/tips that we would have never even considered and took care of every little detail the day of the wedding. We had some weather issues the morning of the wedding as our wedding was outdoors, and the Tum Hi Ho team was up at 4 am handling our vendors, modifying our timelines, making sure our guests were accommodated, and most importantly, keeping us calm. They all have great personalities, are professional, easy to work with, and go above and beyond their “day-of” duties. We would highly recommend hiring them as they truly worth every penny and more!
— Amit & Chandani