Alisha, Hiren, & the rest of the team at Tum Hi Ho are AMAZING to work with! Our team always looks forward to working with them on events! They are highly organized, professional, & friendly. They keep everyone on the the timeline & know how to anticipate their client’s needs in advance. If you’re looking for a great event management team, definitely check them out!!
— Nicole | The Merion

Hiren and his amazing team brought a sense of calm throughout the evening! The dedicated team kept a very watchful eye of the bride and groom and were able to handle all of their needs. It was an absolute pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Hiren, Nina, Ankit and Ami working up to the event and the day of! Can’t wait to work together soon! -Kristy Shawen, Event Sales Manager
— Kristy Shawen | Hyatt Regency Princeton

An incredible team, everything was very simple because they have everything under control and I loved their good taste, their pleasant treatment and their disposition.
Thanks guys are the maximum!
— Nelson Amaro | Dreamcatcher Films

We’ve worked a couple of weddings now with this team and I wish we could for every event! Hiren and Aisha are an amazing team to work with. Leading up to the wedding day Hiren is organized, detail oriented and super helpful with any questions. They went above and beyond any planner we have worked with the past. They had group number cards for the family formals. They past out the cards during the ceremony. There were 84 groups to shoot and this would typically take 2-3 minutes per group (you do the math) but got it all done in about an hour.
— Selena Lopez | Photographer

I’ve been in the wedding industry for over 15 years as a photographer, and I’ve come across many planners in that time. Hiren of Tum Hi Ho Events stands out as one of most competent and easy to work with. From our first communication, well before the wedding, he was professional, courteous, and thoughtful. He has a good sense of vendor needs and expectations and easily meshes those with expectations of his clients so that everyone works together seamlessly on the day of the wedding. When I’ve worked with Hiren, the weddings have been on-time with no perceivable drama, but let’s be real for a second, every wedding has drama right? What we didn’t see is that Hiren worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that any issues that might have arisen didn’t affect us, and most importantly the couple and their families. With Hiren in charge the couple had nothing to worry about except having a good time, and smiling for me. Cheers to many more successful events!
— Damion Edwards | Photographer

My company just worked with Aisha and Tum Hi Ho Events last weekend for an absolutely beautiful wedding. We do a ton of events so we know when one is planned right, things go off smooth, everything falls into place and everyone is on the same page....this was one of those events. Makes such a difference when true pro’s are doing great work. Excited to work with them again!
— James Argenti | Photobooth

Working alongside Hiren and the team at Tum Hi Ho was fantastic. They are organized, professional, and very kind. The wedding we worked together included two ceremonies, location changes, and many moving parts. We felt extremely confident going in to film the day after corresponding with Hiren. He went above and beyond to detail the events of the day and provide an incredibly informative timeline. The wedding ran like clockwork, the couple had the time of their lives, and every vendor was made to feel valued and cared for. We left the wedding that day feeling like old friends. Wedding planning and coordination is vital for couples looking to truly enjoy the planning process and feel like guests at their wedding- which should always be the goal! We highly recommend Tum Hi Ho Events for your wedding day.
— Deanna Romanoff | Videographer

I am the Owner and Lead Designer of Decor Galore, a Wedding Florist in Northern New Jersey. I had the opportunity to work with Alisha and the team of Tum Hi Ho Events over the past 3-4 months as the details of our mutual client’s wedding came together. To say I was incredibly impressed is an understatement. Their process is precise, meticulous, timely and inclusive. I received an initial contact, various follow-ups and complete collaboration for my part in the wedding we were working with. Tum Hi Ho Events specializes in cultural events and they all have a vast knowledge of the many intricate details that go into a flawless execution of the multiple-day, multiple-venue type events. I was truly impressed. As a wedding collaborator, having Tum Hi Ho Events as the Wedding Planners and Coordinators brought a level of efficiency to the table that was evident throughout the day. It helped us to create a seamless beautiful experience for our clients on their Wedding Day. They were completely accessible, answered questions promptly, resolved minor issues immediately and were a genuine partner with the ultimate goal being the couple’s complete satisfaction. It was a beautiful day for our clients and Tum Hi Ho Events was a huge part of that. We were honored to work with them and look forward to the possibility of working with them on many other events.
— Maricela Bermudez | Florist

On behalf of MVPDjs, I’d like to extend the warmest thank you to the Tum Hi Ho Team. Working with the team was a pleasure for us, as they were not only mindful of our clients’ needs, but those of all of the vendors involved. Their keen attention to detail and pleasant attitude when working with us did not go unnoticed, and it was obvious to see that they put their clients happiness above all. Our team can’t wait to work with Tum Hi Ho again!
— Josh Rajkumar | DJ

Among the elite echelon of event coordinators we work with on a regular basis! Having a planner who knows how to envision and plan an event is critical, but relatively easy to find. Where the truly exceptional planner excels is on your actual wedding day, where the pressure and complexity of the day really puts vendors to the test. Hire TTH knowing that they will be amazing in all phases of the experience so you can focus on what’s is most important, truly living your moment and having a great time!
— Jonathan Rubin | Photographer

I am a Northern NJ based makeup artist my company is called Beauty Artist Group. I had the please of working with Hiren and the Tum Hi Ho team recently at my client Jesal’s wedding. I was so thrilled with the level of professionalism I saw. Super quick when responding to emails and an absolute pleasure to be around on the day of the wedding. All around positive experience and will be recommending to my clients in the future! Thanks for an awesome and well organized day Hiren!
— Katlyn Conway | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

My company just worked with Aisha and Tum Hi Ho Events last weekend for an absolutely beautiful wedding. We do a ton of events so we know when one is planned right, things go off smooth, everything falls into place and everyone is on the same page....this was one of those events. Makes such a difference when true pro’s are doing great work. Excited to work with them again!
— James Argenti | Photobooth

As a caterer we have worked with so many of the Hotels, designers and event coordinators. Wow nothing like working with Hiren and his staff. He was on the job 24/7 and there was nothing that Hiren did not know about the wedding that we catered. It is most valuable because you don’t have to go looking for the Hotel staff or a person from the family to answer your questions. Maintained a very pleasant attitude throughout the weekend.
— Sara Radjou | Caterer

I’m a D.C. based make-up artist and had the pleasure of working with Tum HI Ho events team this past Saturday for a wedding in Philadelphia. Hiren and his teammates, Lisa, Alisha, Aisha and Prutha were all so incredibly kind, friendly and professional and not only did a wonderful job to make sure the wedding ran smoothly, but took their time to make sure all the other vendors were comfortable and had everything they needed as well. Leading up to the wedding, Hiren was extremely helpful and kept me in the loop every step of the way in regards to day-of timelines, locations, and everything else I could possibly need to know! Thank you, Tum Hi Ho Events-you guys were awesome and I hope to work with you all again in the future! xoxo
— Jackie Gellner | Makeup Artist

It is not that often that Vendors give reviews about other Vendors. But in that case, we had to make an exception. As providers of wedding / Baraat horses and carriages, it is extremely crucial to us to have things run on a timely basis because of our strict schedule and the need to commute from a venue to another without unexpected delays!
Lisa and the entire Team of Tum Hi Ho Events, LLC never disappoint! They handle everything in an efficient, timely manner with poise, charisma and courtesy. We know that when they run an event, everything will be on time just as planned. It is always a pleasure to work with such professionals!
— Marc Schumacher | Horse & Carriage

Our company has worked with numerous coordinators and coordination company’s. Tum Hi Ho Events happens to be one of the best company’s we have had the chance to work with. Their team is very well organized and very accommodating. We recommend them to all of our clients who look for coordinators. We always look forward to working with them. Great job guys!
— Aakash Mevawala | DJ

I had the pleasure of working with Tum Hi Ho Events this past weekend as a vendor and let me tell you, they surpassed any expectations I have ever had working with coordinators in my career! The day ran seamlessly, which made for a happy, calm, stress free bride. I highly recommend them and can not wait to work with them again!
— Alexandria Reda | Makeup Artist

Hiren and his staff are great to work with from a vendor perspective. They are proactive from the months/days leading to the wedding and the energy they bring the day of the wedding is of the highest of standards. They aim to solution seek with everything that could possibly go wrong and keep the bride and groom really calm. They are organized and very prompt as well. I am a big believer in having a planner for any occasion! Tum Hi Ho Events would be an excellent choice!
— Bhargavi Patel Arrunategui | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

Hiren Patel and his team are amazing to work with. They coordinated a gorgeous wedding in June here at the Hilton Hotel & Spa Short Pump. From the moment I met him, he was on point. If I thought it - he or one of his team members was already doing it. Professionalism at it’s finest - but truly warm and comforting.

I hope to work with him for many years to come and will highly recommend him to my brides and grooms.
— Phyllis Case | Hotel Sales Manager

I am a baraat wedding horse provider. I work along with many wedding planners and I can say that THH is one of the better companies to work with. They were helpful from the time I arrived to the end of the baraat. Look forward to work with them again.
— Tony Telymonde | Horse & Carriage

This was our first time working with these planners. They were very hands on, responsive to emails and phone calls and all around very helpful on the wedding day. I would highly recommend them!
— Emily Hassinger | Venue Event Coordinator

321Chillz, LLC had an awesome time working with Tum Hi Ho Events on 4/28/18! The event went smoothly & everything was planned out perfectly! Looking forward to more events in the future!!
— Radhika Chinai | Dessert

Tum Hi Ho Events staff was super friendly and easy to work with. They communicated with me and kept me updated about the events which made my life much easy as wedding photographer for the event I was shooting. I highly recommend them.
— Manish Manvani | Photographer

Say Cheese Photo Booth Rentals had the pleasure of working with Tum Hi Ho Events, LLC for a wedding recently and the professionalism was superb. They coordinated with us perfectly to ensure that their clients wedding went as planned. I would recommend them to ANYONE!!! We look forward to working with them again!
— Sara Lee | Photobooth

I am a NJ based hair/makeup stylist and THH was a great vendor to work with. The event went smoothly and the scheduling was seamless. They were accommodating and transparent during and leading up to the event. Looking forward to working with them again!
— Shital Patel | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist

This past weekend we worked with Tum Hi Ho Events at a wedding they were coordinating. As a busy floral shop they made things easy for us to do our work as efficiently as possible. A true pleasure to work with them. Hoping to work with them in the near future. Organizational genius!
— Kevin Donahoe | Florist

Loved working with the Tum Hi Ho team for my client - they were fun to work with, arranged everything so wonderfully, were professional, super friendly and made sure all details were taken care of. Would highly recommend their service for your future events.
— Momi Junaid | Makeup Artist

It was a pleasure working with Tum Hi Ho Events for Sushant & Nava’s wedding as their wedding cake vendor. We hope to work with them again soon!
— Sonam Sondhi | Cake

Tum Hi Ho Events, LLC is amazing, very professional
— Manjeet Kaur | Hair Stylist